Recognized IRS 501c3 Public Charity


Statement of Guidelines:

CCMS selection criteria for scholarships may include but is not limited to:  Participation in school, community or church activities, academic performance, financial need and recommendations from teachers and community members.

Annually our goal is to assist a minimum of four Mineral Wells High School students and one peace officer academy student at Weatherford College.  All academic scholarships will be disbursed directly to the educational facilities’ and NOT the individual student.  CCMS does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, nationality, age, health conditions or martial status.   At this time, we only offer scholarships for graduating Mineral Wells High School students and Weatherford College Peace Officer Academy students.

Craig Crawford Memorial Scholarships may be awarded to persons in the following categories:

Peace Officer Academy Students

CCMS in conjuction with Weatherford College help provide financial scholarships to peace officer academy candidates.

Mineral Wells High School Students

Financial scholarships to graduating Mineral Wells High School students seeking higher education.

Law Enforcement Technical and Equipment Grants

Financial assistance to police or sheriff departments to assist with technical and equipment needs.

How do I apply?

Peace Officer Academy students attending Weatherford College Police Academy will need to contact the Academy Coordinator to inquire about available scholarships.   Scholarships for peace officer students are only available to full time academy students once a calender year.

Graduating Mineral Wells High School students will need to apply directly with your school scholarship or guidance counselors.

Law Enforcement and Technical Grants are awarded on an as needed basis.   We do not have a current award date.   Each agency that is requesting assistance will need to contact Chris or Brent Crawford directly to inquire about the availability of funds for these grants.